14th Annual Dental Symposium

Advances in Digital Dentistry


Technology and innovation
in the Dental World has provided convenience, modernization of techniques,
accuracy and dependability of new instruments and materials in dentistry.
Digitalization in specific has infiltrated the dental world and has aroused
great interest of dental practitioners and technicians. All dental specialties
have been positively affected by these rapid advancements in the Dental World
that has elevated and improved the educational and treatment outcomes in
This symposium will provide
all attendees an advanced glimpse and a test-drive of the current advancements
of Digital Dental World.


The overall goal of the 14th Annual Dental Symposium is to provide an opportunity for the leaders in dentistry, dental practitioners and educators to share and gain insight into strategies for a range of areas, including cutting – edge technologies, in all dental specialties, delivering high quality dental care and faculty development.

The symposium is aimed at continuously updating the stakeholders on various advancements in scientific concepts; research and techniques.


By the end of the symposium, participants will be able to:
• Learn about the advances in digital dentistry and how it affected the patient oral healthcare in the world and in Saudi Arabia.
• Enjoy the variety of learning experience and evidence based teaching of dentistry. 
• Recognize and appreciate the new techniques and instruments provided by numerous leading digital brands in the dental community.
• Describe various institutional efforts to understand and embrace standards of care in a digital dental world.
• Gain the recent teaching philosophies and self-evaluation of learning in the digital world of dentistry.

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